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For the record, this has been discussed in the past and we've decided to not implement this for various reasons (primarily for security).

Allow shared storage between apps

If a developer has multiple apps or a suite of apps, it would be interesting if there could be shared storage. For example, a widget could read from data written by a related app to display summary info, last activity info, etc.

This is a somewhat regular request, so I thought it would be nice to list it here. :)

  • Sorry my solution depens on and online connection, so it cannot be a solution for you if you need offline access.

  • Hi,

    I have two apps which are currently private which perfectly illustrate this problem.

    The first is a watch face which displays the forecast weather for the current location, but only has room for the current 3 hourly and current daily forecast.

    The second is an app which allows viewing of the next 48 hours in detail or the next week as daily forecasts.

    An important detail is that the forecast is always available even if offline(I am a volunteer firefighter in a rural part of Australia with bad 4G coverage), so I download all data several times per day when the BOM amends their forecasts.

    The watchface seems quite reliable but the app frequently does not download data (exactly the same code) until it is opened and obviously its then potentially too late.

    It also seems perverse to download the same fairly large data twice.

  • Contact me to discuss a solution: apps.garmin.com/.../contactdeveloper

  • Contact me to discuss a solution:  apps.garmin.com/.../contactdeveloper