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Activity name for SPORT_SWIMMING gets overwritten with 'Swimming'

For every other activity, the name defined in ActivityRecording.createSession({}) is what shows in Garmin Connect, but when using SPORT_SWIMMING, it just shows 'Swimming', this is a shame because SPORT_SWIMMING also seems to be the only sport that can be used without having steps counted and added to the days step counter. Ideally, there would be a way to turn step counting off for any sport, in the very least SPORT_GENERIC should be this way so that it can be more customized.

  • For my apps that use SPORT_HIKING, the show up in GC as <location> Hiking - they use GPS and therefore know the location.  I don't think I've ever seen anything show as "SPORT_*" in GC.  A few devices (the 735 if I recall) use the name specified when you create the session, but that's really the exception.

    As far as SPORT_GENERIC, that's really what "other" on a watch is, where steps are counted.  On some devices you don't get steps for biking or swimming, and things that aren't activity trackers (like an Edge) don't count steps at all.