Watch Face: UltraSlim

So here's my latest "Baby", watch face "UltraSlim".

This time I focused on a big readable and elegant design.
But it also can show many data, has optional live heart rate or moon phase and is pretty much customizable.
Available for latest Garmin watches (not for Fenix 3 or similar, sorry).
It's completely free, have fun!


UltraSlim watch face

  • Excellent watch face, well done. What about giving the ability to swap out seconds for 'live HR' and an option to change the time font to a bolder format?
  • Another watchface that is not for a FR735XT. So many people still own a 735 or 235, you can buy these watches in every store, they aren't out of stock.
  • Thank you both.
    First of all, my watch faces and other apps are completely free to use, no fees or one time payments.
    Second, I am a spare time developer with limited time, trying to do something good for Garmin community by creating useful and good apps (hopefully).
    I am open to suggestions and will implement them if I think they are good and will work.
    Developers of watch faces have to make decisions when it is about support for "older" watches.
    I just don't have enough time to code watch faces to support each and every watch that exists.
    Especially FR735 which has a special screen size and resolution. UltraSlim does not even support Fenix 5s because of it's smaller screen size.
    Thanks for understanding.
  • Nice watch face. I tried to download it but it says "This app requires an update of your Forerunner 645. Please use Garmin Express to update your Forerunner 645."

    I am using 645 (Traditional Chinese version), is it the reason why? Thanks.
  • Hello Stephen.

    Honestly, I don't know if APAC is the problem.
    Please check if your FR645 has latest firmware.

    - turn watch off then on again
    - connect it to PC to open Express
    - let it update if any

    If this don't help, you can try to remove your FR645 from Express and from mobile app, then re-pair it.
    Removing device from Express/ mobile app has helped others in similar situation as I can read in this forum.

  • Former Member
    Former Member over 4 years ago
    Thanks for the watch face. It's very crisp :)
    My suggestion/request would be a mini moon phase option for use in one of the data lines fields. For example the top line could be next sun event and current moon phase.
    Also would it be possible to space the two data on each line a bit further apart? On the F5X there's space on either side but the data are squished together at the centre.
    Much appreciated
  • Hi, I really like your watch face. Nicely organised and easy to see all the info on the watch. Customization options are also good.
    What is not working for me is sun events, despite I have enabled connection with smart phone. Does it need an active GPS for first synchronization? Thanks
  • Sun event calculation needs a GPS fix.
    To get a GPS fix you have to select an activity with GPS like outdoor running / walking / biking from your activities menu and go outdoors.
    Then wait until the screen shows green signal for GPS.
    You can then leave activity.
    The GPS location is saved on watch until it gets a new GPS fix from GPS activity.
  • Great, thank you for the replay. I manged to get sun events, but sun rise is still of by half na hour on my location, Slovenia. Sun set is accurate.
    On some other Watch Faces with this feature, the sun events are calculated correctly (compared to local meteo webpage or yahoo weather).
  • Can you fix bluetooth notifications Connected and Disconnected. They are staying on the watch until new minute come. And possibly split goal gauge into two parts: from left and from right.