Watchface: Analog Twist

Analog Twist features:
- the beauty of an analog watch
- the power of a digital watch
- chart (pressure, heart rate, weekly step overview, ...)
- 2 data fields
- 2 gauges
- weather (temperature, chill, wind speed)
- ....


  • Privacy Policy
    The Analog Twist watch face does not track any personal information directly but is powered by 3rd party services that may collect your personal information such as your ip address when a data request is being made:
    • the YAHOO! weather service. When the weather is being requested your personal information might be stored, you can read the full details what can be traced and stored in the Yahoo Privacy Policy
  • Frequently asked questions

    Q1: The temperature is shown as "--"... When is the weather downloaded?

    The weather is downloaded at regular intervals (normally every 2 hours, after entering a donation key the interval is set to every 15 minutes).

    In order to have relevant data downloaded to your watch do the following action:
    • In the application settings of the app fill in the latitude/longitude of your location, a good website to retrieve this information is
    Once that is ok successful weather retrieval depends on:
    • Connection to the internet: your smart phone must be connected to the internet in order to be able to retrieve data.
    • ACTIVE bluetooth connection: having bluetooth on is not sufficient, the garmin connect mobile app must be actively connected. You can force an active bluetooth connection by going to Garmin Connect Mobile and choose to synchronize your watch.
    (When the watch face is able to retrieve the location from your last gps activity, it will use that new location for the next weather retrieval)
  • Ilove this wachface can you add may be barometer graph last 6hr or whole day
    Thank You!
  • For whole day pressure I probably won't have enough memory available, but I think I should be able to squeeze in the barometer graph for the past 6 hours. (Added it to my to do list)