gimporter/gexporter - import FIT/GPX courses from your Android phone

This is the support thread of "gimporter" and the android companion app "gexporter".

Imagine you are on the go and want to upload a course to your Garmin device to follow the track. As of now, this involves uploading the gpx file to the Garmin web site, somehow create a course from it and then select "Export to device" in the mobile app.

Here comes gimporter. Download your FIT and GPX courses with the "gimporter" ConnectIQ app from the "Download" folder of your Android device.


  • Keep the Android app open, while downloading!
  • Oregon and Rino devices download the unmodified GPX track. No point reduction or speed recalculation is done yet
  • On some devices (like the Edge 1030) you have to disable WiFi while using the app

ConnectIQ App:

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Android App:

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