Watchface: Better Digital [FR235]

I just got a Forerunner 235 and so I took a crack at making a watchface with all the things I want to see at a glance: big time, date, battery, steps, progress towards daily step goal, heart rate, heart rate zone and bluetooth connection status to my phone.

I also added an experimental feature of a different watchface while the watch is charging (not connected to a computer).

I'd love some feedback on it and please let me know if you run into any issues.

I also just found out about the App Settings feature so I'll add some options to change colors and probably turn on or off the charging watchface while it's still in the testing phase.
Also, I'll add support for other watches as much as possible.

In the Connect IQ Store

Watchface Normal:

Watchface while charging:

  • Update

    New Version Available V1.01.0 - Now Customizable

    Added in App Settings for:
    Accent Color (hour number)
    Step Goal Meter Color
    Choose Left and Right Meters: Step Goal Progress, Heart Rate Zone, Battery Level, Move Bars
    Choose Display Fields: Heart Rate, Steps, Calories

    Coming soon: Distance in the display field as an option

    Any other requests?
  • New Version V1.01.2 - Added FR735XT, Heart Icon and Distance

    Just updated to add support for the 735XT and added a heart icon for the heart rate display. There's an app setting to change it back to 'bpm' if desired. Also Distance is available as a display option.
  • I have the Tactix 7 Pro.

    The GPS coordinates don't update real time. I have the same all the time and i don't have the default coordinates selected.

    Can you help? Thank you