App: OzTides, an Australian Tidal Program

Hey all,

Recently published a tide app that's purpose-built for Australia. It pulls tidal data from the WillyWeather services (which I have found to have a lot of tidal stations that are accurate for my purposes) and will allow you to download, store and view that data offline on the watch for upto 30 days per location. You can grab it from the Connect store from here:

Tidal data is available for Australia only, however I have allowed all regions to download and install to assist with trip preparation, or in the case of entering Australian Waters and requiring tidal information without any connectivity so you can download/install and update the location banks ahead of time.

This app is relatively fresh, whilst it is functional in its current state, needs a bit of a polish. If you run into any errors, please let me know. I am already speaking with a few and working our way through a couple, so probably ALOT of update movement. I also have a it of a todo list, but being a relatively new Monkey C developer, still working my way out around things; if anyone has any advice on how to do the below - it'd be appreciated.

- Improve error condition checking
- Add 'About Page' with more information
- Add dark/light mode
- Load tidal data on startup, selection of location bank or data update
- Improve layout/colours
- Add more compatible devices.

Contact me with any questions/queries/comments or concerns!