New Animated Doom Slayer themed watchface 2022

Just wanted to show off an animated watchface I've been working on. It's got a little animated doom guy in there. He is reminiscent of the doom guys behavior in the 95 PC game. He loses health as your watch does and he stresses out when your heart rate does. Fully custom font etc. I believe there are about 50 custom states. Like a tamagotchi but only driven by your watch battery and heart rate. Functions of eachother. 

I thought someone would find it interesting here. I've thought about making this watchface for a LONG time like 5 years but I've never had the patience to dive into the Garmin SDK. I tried once before and was defeated by the complexity of the setup. This time for whatever reason I was successful. There are like 0 tutorials on getting your environment setup well only 2 that I could find on YouTube. So I didn't ask a single question here but I can name one person in particular who if was not here I would have given up about 1000 times. names Jim, thanks Jim with the owl. 

For Epix and a few large display watches

For Fenix 7 and a few forerunners