Due to a lack of good and clear watchfaces I started my first watchface: GVWatch.
This was my first test project and I got the hang of building a good functional watchface.


After all the experience from previous projects I have now made the GENIX-3.
A watchface that provides feedback about your goals to achieve by means of color borders and encourages you to become active or provides insight into your current status.

This creates a dynamic watchface that changes in color throughout the day.

Red not good and you should improve, recovery time is high, low body battery or there is more than 80% chance of rain
Yellow warning, high chances of rain within the upcoming 4 hours
Normal border not bad and not good (or no signal)
Blue  you almost reached your goal
Green you reached your goal, no or just a short recovery time, no chance of rain within the coming 4 hours Heart rate shows the zone color

The color signals apply to the following data fields:

  • Battery
  • Steps
  • Active minutes
  • Body battery
  • Recovery time
  • Temperature
  • Heart rate

Beside these color rings you can configure almost anything to change the look and feel and you have the following data fields available:

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Active calories
  • Floors
  • Active minutes current day
  • Active minutes week
  • Temperature
  • Temperature feels like
  • Temperature high and low
  • Blood oxygen
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate resting
  • Heart rate high / low
  • Heart rate graph
  • Heart rate graph + low, resting and high value
  • Battery
  • Altitude
  • Ambient pressure
  • Sea level pressure
  • Energy expenditure (current energy expenditure in kilocalories per minute)
  • Training effect (indicates an activity's level of effect on aerobic fitness. Scores range from 1.0 (easy) to 5.0 (overreaching))
  • Sunrise time (need a valid GPS location, start an activity that uses GPS to get one)
  • Sunset time (need a valid GPS location, start an activity that uses GPS to get one)
  • Additional clock
  • VO2 max running
  • Body battery
  • Respiration
  • Recovery time
  • Solar Intensity