Help my first Watchface...:-)

Hi I am an IT Consultant and I wanted to develop a watchface specifically for a Venu sq2 I installed and configured correctly Visual Studio Code and viewed the demo code for the first Watchface which I must say is really too little to understand some steps. Where can I find some sample source code (somewhat recent if possible) to better understand how to develop? I looked on the internet but either they are too dated and no longer compatible or they are for Eclipse...
Thanks for the help

  • I can relate to this. It is literally gonna be you googling every single error until you find each solution. It has an entry barrier that is astronomical. BUT it can be done. Hints for the vscode setup are Ctrl+shift+p contains all of your options (a bunch of preconfigured operations will pop up on the search bar in vscode) once you get your Dev environment setup. There will be a LOT of deprecated code in the example file if you follow the tutorials available. Once you start to understand the syntax you can start to work on understanding the structure. 

    Manifest.xml contains information about your overall program. 

    Drawables.xml is kinda where you declare resources for compile time

    Also Layouts are not "needed" and represent an alternative configuration methodology aimed at making configuration of basic warchfaces "simple" i found them to be anything but. 

    It's a pain but you can do it.

  • I would recommend joshuahxh’s watchfacebuilder website, you can design a face far easier and request the code and iq file if you want to upload it to connectIQ itself or perform more advanced things, take a look at tilemapper too, you can get creative with watchfaces and it comes with basic code and samples to get you started, theres threads on both tools in the forum.

    Have you also checked out the thread on open source stuff on starttorun? Plenty of watchfaces there to learn from. Theres a thread on that page here too.

  • Idk if this helps, but here's the source for a very popular CIQ watchface: