Watch face: Chariot J-Shock


Download it here:


G-Shock inspired watch face. Functional and simple.

Big weather icons. Weather is using new Garmin API


1. Big time: 24 hour / 12 hour with pm indicator. Remove ":" or add leading "0" to hours in WF Settings

2. Date, day. Change date format in WF Settings. MM/DD or DD/MM

3. Current weather conditions with graphic and text representation of the forecast, temperature in C or F depending on device settings. No weather API key required.

4. Battery charge level in % and color graphic with green, yellow, red and dark red indicating various charge levels.

5. Current heart rate.

6. Calories burned today.

7. Distance traveled today in miles or kilometers, depending on device settings.

8. Steps walked today.

9. Enable Notifications / Bluetooth status icons in app settings. (Off by default) Alarm icon is coming shortly.

10. Change background and foreground colors in settings.

11. Make font for top fields larger in WF Settings.