[Widget] tado° CIQ widget

Hi all,

I am happy to share my very first Garmin IQ creation!

I've build a widget for my Fenix 5 plus to display the temperature and humidity of the zones of my tado° smart thermostat. At the moment the widget only shows data. You cannot change the temperature yet, but I'm planning to add that feature. Together with support for more devices.

The widget uses a custom build API to gather information from the tado° API and serve it to the widget. This minimises web requests and speeds up the widget.

This version is not yet published in the IQ store and I've only tested it on my Fenix 5 plus. I would really appreciate it if some of you are willing to take a look at the code. Feel free to compile and test it on your own device. Your feedback can either be posted here, submitted as an issue in the repository or you can email me at [email protected].

Thank you in advance!!

Widget source: https://github.com/MGHollander/tado-ciq-widget
API source: https://github.com/MGHollander/tado-ciq-bridge