Smart Bike Lights (Data Field) / Bike Lights Control (Widget)

I've made two open source CIQ applications to control ANT+ lights:

- Smart Bike Lights (data field): 


- Bike Lights Control (widget): 


Smart Bike Lights features:
- Automatic light control (Smart mode) based on the configured filters (sunset, sunlight, speed, ...)
- Manual light control (only for Edge devices with a touch screen or devices with CIQ 3.2 and more than 32KB memory)
- Records lights modes that are displayed in Garmin Connect

Bike Lights Control features:
- Manual light control (available to all devices)

Both applications can be installed on the same device, which can be useful for low end devices (e.g. Edge 520) where "Bike Lights Control" can be used to change light modes manually and "Smart Bike Lights" for automatic light control.

Currently registered ANT+ lights:
- Bontrager Ion Pro RT
- Bontrager Ion 200 RT
- Bontrager Flare RT
- Garmin Varia RTL500
- Garmin Varia RTL510
- Garmin Varia RTL515
- Garmin Varia HL500
- Garmin Varia UT800

in case your ANT+ light is not on the list you can help by doing the following:

1. Install Bike Lights Control
2. Pair your bike light with your Garmin device
3. Open the widget:
- Edge with a touch screen: post which numbers are displayed on the buttons and what mode each button represents when pressed
- Other devices: Select the "Light modes" menu and post which numbers are displayed in the menu and what mode each menu item represents when selected

Example for Bontrager Ion Pro RT:

1 -> High steady beam
2 -> Medium steady beam
5 -> Low steady beam
63 -> Day flash
62 -> Night flash

There are some features that could be possible to add in the future, but would require Garmin to add them to the CIQ api. In case you are interested in any of the below features, consider upvoting their feature request thread:

1. Control lights based on the ambient light sensor available on some devices: 

  • Now it's all clear. Thanks for the clarification!

  • It would be nice to have 2 headlights. I use ION PRO and ION 200 mostly not together, but the different setup for headlights would be better. The advantage is that I can use configuration for ION PRO also for ION 200, which is my current workaround.  

  • I strongly support.
    How to solve it? Add the ability to save several configuration files, one of which would of course be selectable for the currently used field. The choice would be in Connect (or Express) which would allow you to quickly choose the right configuration without having to paste other configurations.

  • Add the ability to save several configuration files, one of which would of course be selectable for the currently used field

    That is what I plan to do, but with such feature it will still not be possible to control two headlight/taillights or more than two lights at the same time. One way to support that would be to publish another copy of Smart Bike Lights data field, similar to HMs DIY data field. This would be the easiest way to achieve than and it will work also with devices with low memory as it is a separate data field.

  • Hi Maca, very nice data field. Unfortunately I have an issues with my Fenix 6 PRO. With this string, I'm not able to enter CIQ field menu to switch it to the Smart mode: ###0,73535488#2,2|RADAR:1:7:1I]-1]0|:1:0:1D=1##4:Varia 515|Off:0|Solid:4|Day Flash:7|Night Flash:6#0::#0:0#B3290##3#0#0

    I always receive Error 4 after I try to enter the CIQ field settings (and it does not open in fact).

    What could be wrong?

  • Hi, I tried to reproduce the issue with the simulator as I don't own a fenix, but without success. I will try to shrink the data field code so that I am able to test the menu on my forerunner 245 as it has only 32KB memory. I will report back with my findings.

  • I tried with my forerunner 245 + RTL515 and it also work, the menu is opened and I am able to change control modes. Does the menu works for you when leaving the "Lights Configuration" setting empty?

  • Hello!
    You can give me a day and night configuration that is already configured, this configurator is a bit high for me. No matter what, what has already worked for someone else. It would be nice if during the day, I would only turn on the tail light if they were coming behind me. My lights Garmin Varia UT800, Garmin Varia RTL515 Garmin Edge 1030 +

  • Hi,

    You can use the following configuration:

    1,1|:1H]0#0,73413136#2,2|NIGHT:1:3:1Es0,r0|:1:0:1D=1#0,73535488#3,3|RADAR:1:7:1I]-1]0|NIGHT:1:4:1Es0,r0|:1:0:1D=1#7,6:Varia 800|2,:-1,Off:0|1,High:2|1,Medium:3|1,Low:4|1,Night Flash:6|1,Day Flash:7#6,5:Varia 515|2,:-1,Off:0|1,Solid:4|1,Peloton:5|1,Day Flash:7|1,Night Flash:6#0::#0:0#B3570#4#3#0#0

    feel free to tune it by changing the light modes and sunset/sunrise offsets.

  • Thank you very much for your help! I'll try