Data Field Ultra Field

Ultra Field

A Garmin Connect IQ data field, designed for ultra running races.


  • manage race checkpoints; show name, extra info and distance to the next chechpoint.
  • best distance estimation, by skipping non realistic speeds due to poor gps signal (especially in ultra gps mode)
  • Adjust estimated distance at every checkpoint, using the declared checkpoint distance

The UltraField web site contains ad editor to easily define checkpoints data for UltraField,
See the website for more info about how to create checkpoints

UltraField Web site



UltraField screen is designed mainly for Forerunner® and fenix® Garmin smartwatchs. in particular for Garmin Forerunner® 935, Fenix® 5S and Fenix® 6

Default mode

In default mode, UltraField shows four fields, arranged vertically:

  • estimated total distance
  • next checkpoint name
  • next checkpoint info
  • estimated distance to reach next checkpoint

Estimated total distance differs from the standard field "total distace" because it discards all intervals having instant speed greater than a configuration parameter; moreover it is  arranged, at every checkpoint. to the checkpoint declared distance

Fields color depends on activity recording state.

  • during recording: black color
  • in pause: red color

Checkpoint approaching mode

When you are close to the checkpoint ([1]), Approaching checkpoint mode is activated, and display shows a flashing LAP IF label:

[1] about 500 meter before. See “CP approaching threshold” configuration parameter.

At Checkpoint

When you really reach checkpoint, press LAP

Estimated distance will be arranged to checkpoint declared distance

Display shows, for 5 seconds:

[checkpoint declared distance] [checkpoint name]

After that, default mode will be activated, and now the display shows name and distance of next checkpoint.

If you reach the checkpoint before Approaching checkpoint mode is active (that is, before “LAP IF” flashes), follow this procedure:

Press LAP; Approaching mode is temporarily activated (“LAP IF” flashes) for 20 seconds.

Press again LAP in 20 seconds (two horizontal lines show remaining time to complete operation)

Configuration parameters

Check points

Check points definition, encoded.

Please use the UltraField WebSite   to define checkPoints.

Max expected instant speed

Estimated distance discards all intervals having instant speed greater than this value

CP approaching threshold

Distance (in km) before checkpoint that causes “approaching checkpoint” mode activation

Default: 0.5 ( 500 meters before checkpoint, “approaching checkpoint” mode is active)