Peter’s (Race) Pacer - How to set the Distance / Time / Pace on Garmin 245

Hi all,

I've installed Peter Race Pacer app because I've read such great reviews about it and am keen to get it working.  I'm using it on my new Garmin 245 but am struggling to get it set up properly.

Yes, I understand from the Garmin app on my iphone I can set the distance I'm going to the run and the pace I want to achieve it in.  But, is there a way I can do this directly on the watch itself instead of having to do it on my phone everytime I'm going for a run?

I know on my Garmin watch when I click on "run" I can scroll through the various data screen before my run commences and there is an upwards arrow appears with "options" beside it.  When I go into this I can click on "Set a target" and can set my disance / time or pace however this doesn't input this information into Peter's Race Pacer app.  

I hope you understand what I'm asking! 

Can you help please.  Thank you