A new family of dials!

Following on from reworking my multi-metric pacer wheel - https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/542d099f-4f5d-46af-8c71-11c17c4f2f1c - I’ve just released a related suite of fully configurable dials. Suite contains:

All these products display current, average and max values. All have a configurable target zone and effort zones. All have fully configurable colours and fully configurable stats written to FIT files. The dials also let you specify dial range and specify zone values. Targets may be set proportionally - "p0.5" is half way around the dial, for example - or by zone number - "z3" uses the top and bottom of zone 3 as targets - or explicitly by value.

Some dials are available in "Multisport" and "Singlesport" variants. Multisport is aimed at triathletes and has sport-specific settings. Singlesport is easier to manage if you only use the field for a single sport as the settings page is one quarter the size.

I’ve been using these for my training as I developed the suite and I am quite pleased with the results - I find it much easier to read a dial without my glasses than a comparable set of text fields.