Watchface: Digital for TactixD and Digital for TactixD v2 Beta

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Digital for TactixD face:
Digital for TactixD v2 Beta:

Idea behind this face is that the best face is the one which is set exactly as i want it.

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Why there are so many settings available? It is hard to navigate through them:
Sending watchface user defined parameters such as color, font and screen placement through app settings seems to be the only available option at this moment. Amount of settings is a tax for having many objects available. During time i've found out  there are also problems and limitations coming with amount of settings, therefore version 2 is being in development where at least some of the fields configuration will be simplified.

Why are my settings changes not reflected on WatchFace ?
It seems this issue is tied to Garmin CIQ app which is not able handle huge amount of settings properly. When settings are done through Android/iOS Garmin Mobile app all should work as expected.

Will be there Weather details available ?
Yes, weather is in progress and will be included in v2 version. Currently testing various weather providers APIs and fighting with best details visualization on the screen.

Why is my language not supported i see only squares instead of characters ?
During short life time of this face 26 custom fonts have been already requested and implemented. Fonts consume a lot of available resources, therefore characters are limited to the absolute minimum => english characters and numbers only. Languages with 'special' characters such as czech, russian, japanese etc. cannot be supported until more resources will be available to watch faces. Toggle button "Force English Day/Month Name" to force most exposed fields to english has been implemented instead.

Will more features be implemented ?
Yes, i am adding more features based on incoming requests. Priority is usually set by amount of requests.

  • Following is already on ToDo list:
    - Current weather and forecast
    - Moon phases
    - Calendar
    - Temperature from watch
    - Distance walked
    - Allow icons instead of text
    - Support for F5
    ... explore whether workaround will be possible to get body battery, rest time and other so far garmin only features to the watchface

  • So I have a Fenix 6X Pro and when I change the time to military, turn on preceding 0 and turn off the move label my face crashes every time.   How can I fix this? 

  • Thanks for reporting. It's a bug, respectively improper logic applied in the code. I ll release fix shortly.

    EDIT1: Fixed in 0.11.96

  • Awesome watchface!

    Im having an issue with the sunrise, till sunset and sunset times.

    They are displaying from what must be a different time zone.

    Currently displaying sunrise at 1356 and sunset at 0350.

    Is there a setting for me to fix this that I'm missing?

  • Best is to get valid GPS fix. However valid fix is usually available for short period of time. Therefore further behavior depends on how do you have set "Use default position if Activity GPS not available"

    "Use default position if Activity GPS not available" = OFF
    - Watchface will store last valid fix  to the memory and will use it in case there is currently no valid fix avilable in GPS. What coordinates are being used for calculation you can check by temporarily enabling Latitude and Longitude fields. ( my Tactix Delta from time to time provides valid GPS fix on coordinates Lat=0 and Lon=0, i assume it is a garmin bug, getting new valid fix by starting outdoor activity usually solves it).

    "Use default position if Activity GPS not available" = ON
    - Watchface will forget last GPS fix at the same moment as watch and will use pre-configured default coordinates from settings instead. When you install this face, default location points to Brno, Czech Republic (Lat=49.195061, Lon=16.606836). You can change it to your preferred one using Default Latitude and Default Longitude settings.

    Until you switch on "Remove +1 . : in Sun Events" settings, there will also be an indicator showing what coordinates are used.
    Indicators are as follows:
    no indicator - available valid fix from GPS is used
    '.' - Coordinates stored in watchface memory from last valid fix used
    ':' - Coordinates from default Lat/Lon settings are used
    '+1' - Sun event is next day
    '-1' - Sun event was yesterday

  • Thank you for an excellent Watch Face.

    there is a plan for:
    - display of step goal value
    - progress bar for step's and activity
    - message indicator (message count > 0)
    - changing the values colour when target is reached

    Greeting Kay

  • Perfect watch face. All i miss-current wearher and forecast! Will be waiting for update. Thanx a lot!

  • One more perfect photo

    • Progress bar - i was already thinking about it. So far the idea is to give "line and/or arc" option and let user position them and set what they mean
    • Step goal - do you mean something like 3500/5000 etc. or separate goal object ?
    • Message indicator - there is a count already, do i understand correctly would be good to have an icon with message number inside ?
    • Target reached - good idea