app: Indoor Walking

(waiting for approval in the store, and then a link will be provided)

An app for the vivoactive, and the new forerunners to record an indoor walk.

This is basically a stripped down version of "hike" ( as it doesn't use GPS.

It supports the Tempe Sensor, HRM, and a Footpod.

There are 4 Screens:

-Time and Distance
-Speed and Pace
-Steps and Calories

The Time of Day and Temperature (if available) and Heart Rate (if available) is shown on all screens.

Press "start" to start recording. Pressing it again pauses the recording, and allows resuming, saving, or discarding the recording.
The "Back" button will mark a lap in the recording.
  • Awesome job! I had brought up the idea of an indoor walking activity being added to "hike" in that app's forum so I'm very happy to see this. Thank you!

    this is actually just a really slimmed down version of "hike". It was far easier to make a separate app.
  • It will be helpful if you add Auto Lap option to this app.

    Thank you.
  • Fenix 3?

    I tried to load this app, and was told that it wouldn't work on my Fenix 3 HR. Then, I see that it's not listed in the devices section. Can you make this work with the F3?
  • I'll consider the f3-hr. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • version 0.14 - added fenix support

    I looked at the code and was able to add support for the fenix 3, fenix3-hr, and other round watches quite easily and the new version is is the store.
  • Thanks

    Thanks, off to the store...
  • No footpod data saved.

    I have just noticed, with the update to v4.20 on the F3HR, that the cadence, and other foot pod data is not being saved. Apparently, the datafields for this is ignored unless an "RUN" type activity is chosen, and the app is apparently based upon a "Walk" activity. How hard would this be to implement?
  • Footpod Data not Saved

    I have noticed that with the F3HR firmware upgrade, that the data from the foot pod isn't saved. Apparently, unless the base activity is of the "RUN" type, the system ignores the data from the footpod. Apparently, your app is based upon a "WALK" type activity that ignores the footpod, so how hard would it be to change the basic type, (invisible) to "RUN", so it will gather, and save the cadence, pace, and stride data?
  • The Cadence data (foot pod or watch based) isn't shown for walking activities, but for walking, the step count can be seen, which you can't see in something like running.
  • Would it be possible to count steps with the foot pod during the activity? For clarity, I'm referring to the actual steps seen on the 3rd screen - not cadence.

    If the foot pod doesn't directly support it, maybe it can be extrapolated from the cadence data? For example, a cadence of 100 means there's a step every 1.67 seconds. We could simplify the calculation effort by looking at 10 second intervals instead of 1 second. So if the average cadence over the past 10 seconds is 100, there has been 16 steps. Just truncate decimals.