app: Indoor Walking

(waiting for approval in the store, and then a link will be provided)

An app for the vivoactive, and the new forerunners to record an indoor walk.

This is basically a stripped down version of "hike" ( as it doesn't use GPS.

It supports the Tempe Sensor, HRM, and a Footpod.

There are 4 Screens:

-Time and Distance
-Speed and Pace
-Steps and Calories

The Time of Day and Temperature (if available) and Heart Rate (if available) is shown on all screens.

Press "start" to start recording. Pressing it again pauses the recording, and allows resuming, saving, or discarding the recording.
The "Back" button will mark a lap in the recording.
  • Hi,
    again 2 short questions:

    1. Does your app count activity steps itself/additionally, or does ist carry over the (not visible) datafield from Garmin? (Garmin definitively in counting activity steps in the background)

    I found the data field "Seps to FIT". I can set into normal Garmin activity - and it also saves the value into FIT file and so now I at least can see the steps of modified activity in GC.

    2. Is it possible to modify your app, in order it's also writing the activity steps (yours or Gamin's) into FIT - in a own area of saved activity in Garmin Connect?

    As your App is totally programmed, I of cause have no possibility to add "Steps to FIT" into one of your screens.
  • 1) The FW counts the steps.
    2) it's possible. I'll put it on my idea list. But I wrote this over 2 years back, and it was for devices without a native walking app (the semi rounds) so really low on my list..
  • Since update on 1-24 steps no longer show in GCM activity card. VA4

    Steps are NOT in new release FIT file. They are in the previous release.

    However, they are in the HISTORY of activity on the watch.

    Note: Previously I was getting "Steps to Fit" and jmf-dtf-cycling-vo2-max-simple" data filelds that I use on the VA4 outdoor WALK app.

    Neither of these show now in the GCM activity card.

    Yes. Steps show in app while using it
    Not showiing in FIT file

    I can't see how to respond to you in CIQ.

    I also sent you an email.

  • Not firmware  ,VA4 6 50

    Was working on 1-24-2022 before app updated. Not working on 1-25-2022 after app updated.

  • Hello, I just started using your app on my Vivoactive 4S. Is there any way to calibrate after passing a mile like you would with a treadmill run? My cadence varies often because I change speeds and inclines on my treadmill, but the distance recorded on the watch app vs treadmill is way off. 

  • Used on my Fenix 7 snow walk in door application provided for it. It turned on the GPS and use the GPS for distance computation. This is not what I wanted. Gave it one star because I am very unhappy. An indoor Walk application should use steps for distance not GPS.

    REVISED: MUCH happier now.  The issue appears to be that the Fenix system default for "Satellites" is "All Systems", and the app merely accepted the system default.  All Fenix Garmin apps for "Indoor" override the system default in their settings.  Upgrading to 3 stars because this works fine for my needs, but could either use configuration options or to have the Satellites setting automatically overridden by the app to "off".

  • If it turned on GPS, that's a bug in the f7 FW and not in this app.  Contact Garmin

  • Not so much a bug in the Fenix as the result of the application apparently using the system default for "Satellites".  Fixed now by turning the system default for "Satellites" to "Off" from the factory setting of "All Systems".  Because this is specifically an indoor app and has no configuration options, it seems like the app should explicitly use no Satellites rather than the system default.