Watchface: M2

This is the support thread for the M2 watchface:

To create your own design or modify one, install & use the M2 Designer app on your watch. These are the steps you would go through:

  • Optionally paste a text code into the "Profile Text" setting of M2 Designer & save the settings, or load one of your previously saved designs (either via the settings or the in-app menu).
  • Run the M2 Designer app (found underneath your activities list) and create your design.
  • Once you've finished, open the Garmin settings for M2 Designer.
  • The text code in "Profile Text" will now represent whatever your design looks like, so copy the text code from "Profile Text" - and be careful to select the whole text.
  • Close the settings for M2 Designer.
  • Open the Garmin settings for M2 (watchface) instead.
  • Delete any text that was already in "Profile Text" - this step helps to avoid potential problems
  • Paste the text code into "Profile Text".
  • Save the settings.
  • Now when you view the M2 watchface it will show your changes.

A guide for accessing the Garmin settings is here:

Profile text for the default display = 01Ys2525111WDPO1011WwWO020Vc121VZ11WwXw03X7C11WwVd035C13NC13XDC19010000

Improvements from M1(+):

  • Separate app to customise the display instead of the tricky settings
  • Faster switching to and from the watchface
  • Improved accuracy of Active Calories to match Garmin's values
  • Optional larger font size for main time
  • Optional larger icons
  • No hard limit on number of fields or number of elements per field
  • Set individual fonts for every item now (so long as there is enough memory to load the fonts)
  • Changed all the number fonts so they are fixed width (which makes formatting nicer when numbers change)
  • More options for displaying data in a ring: choose the start and end point if you want a partial arc
  • Add lines & rectangles to customize your style
  • More display sizes supported (218, 240, 260 & 280)

Notes on 12-hour and 24-hour display options - see 4 posts down (with Oldest first) ...

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