WatchApp: NuPogodi

When I was a child, I had an LCD game named Nu, Pogodi! bought from Bulgaria. It was really a good game, LCD game of my childhood. One of the pieces of my good childhood memories. I think it is also released as Egg too. I just wanted to bring it back to life using Connect IQ platform.

Firstly, I'm an English teacher and computer geek, not a computer programmer or engineer or sth. like that. :P Keep this in mind while commenting. :)

How to play?
Basically we have a wolf named Volk, and four hens. Hens continuously lay eggs and we help Volk to catch the eggs by directing its basket to hens. The score is the number of collected eggs. You have four chances to break the eggs, then game is over... At first only one hen lays egg, but than all can do one by one.

On touch screen devices touching hens or that part of the screen is enough to move the wolf. On others use up, down, menu and back buttons. On Forerunner920XT key replacement is some strange, MODE key is for left up hen and BACK key is for left down hen. Can't utilise the light/power button.

Please write your comments about its performance and which device you use. And also write about bugs too, there should be many due to a hand based obfuscation process! :D

And lastly, write your best scores too!
(Hint: Highest possible score ise 999. ;))

V1.1- Killed some little bugs and animations. So no too many timers error anymore. Problems with starting a new game after a game over corrected. Removed some objects, so using 1 KB less memory an less objects to process on the CPU now.
V1.2- Now, you can collect more than 250 eggs. Mandatory ConnectIQ SDK 1.4 update.
V1.31- ConnectIQ SDK 1.2.1 update. Some code cleanup. Forerunner920XT, 230, 235 and 630 support. Simulator display of semi-round devices is faulty on SDK 1.2.1 on LINUX! So not tested well. Issues should be reported. Problem with main menu reloads when choosing an option persists. May change this screen in future...

I use a default menu structure in the main menu, it works just fine on the simulator. But on the real watch it reacts after two or three selection.
Also a user commented %80 of the time it doesn't react while changing position. No problem on the simulator.

Please report the problems you find too...

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