Widget: Jewish Prayer Times


A widget that will calculate the correct Jewish prayer times for your location. I developed this widget for my own purposes and thought that it would be useful for the wider (Jewish) audience.
  • Useful for when you are on your trek and need to know what time to pay!
  • Great for those long plane journeys when you need to know what time to put on Tefillin!

The widget will first acquire your GPS position and save it for the next time. It will then display the following information:
  • Dawn: Alot HaShachar (11.5 degrees)
  • TT: Earliest time for putting on Talit and Tefillin
  • Sunrise: HaNetz HaHachama
  • SZShG: Sof Zman Shma according to the Gra
  • SZT: Sof Tzman Tefilla according to the Magen Avraham
  • Chatzot: Halachik Midday (and midnight)
  • MinG: Mincha Gedola. Earliest time for Mincha
  • Sunset
  • Tzeit Tzeit HaKochavim

When pressing the menu button the following options are available:
  • Update Location: Update the GPS location and save it for further use
  • Real Elevation: By selecting this (which is the default) the widget will use the watch's elevation as opposed to sea level. This is saved
  • Show Past: When selected (default) all times of the day are displayed. Otherwise times that have passed for the day are hidden. This is saved
  • Choose Day: Today or tomorrow. By default today's times are shown. By selecting "tomorrow" the times are switched to tomorrow. This option is not saved

Note: The time algorithms are based on the KosherJava Zmanim project (http://www.kosherjava.com/zmanim-project/)

Please let me know of any bugs, issues, feature requests etc. I intend on adding new features shortly.