Instinct 2s / 2 / 2X - BUG WatchUi.requestUpdate() in high power mode!

After spending a considerable amount of time investigating why animated watch faces (WF) don't always display smooth animations on the Instinct 2s / 2 / 2X, and firmly believing that the simulator within the SDK does not accurately replicate the behavior of the real device, I have created a special version of the WF. I asked Instinct 2 owners to install it and share the results with me.

After receiving the test results from real devices, I concluded that onUpdate does not occur on actual devices after WatchUi.requestUpdate in 'high power' mode following wrist rotation. Interestingly, it functions correctly after button presses. This inconsistency is indicative of a bug. The simulator does not exhibit this issue. Clearly, other Garmin models do not encounter this problem.

How should I best inform Garmin to address this issue?