Why does the new Connect IQ only synchronizes Edge every other version of beta app?

Since the release of the new Connect IQ version, every time I upload a new version for a Beta app, the Edge only synchronizes every other version.

For example: Currently, my Beta app is version 2.3. If I make a modification in my BikePowerListener (and since I can only test it on the device and not in the simulator, I have to upload a new version), I upload a new version for the Beta app, version 2.4. On the Beta app's page, not even there the version is displayed correctly; it still shows version 2.1, even though I last tested version 2.3 on the device. I download the new version (2.4, in theory) to the device, but it still shows only version 2.3. So, I upload version 2.5 to Connect IQ, and it says it will be available after synchronization. After synchronization, version 2.4 appears on the Edge (even after I synced 2.5, in theory). If I want to make another modification, I have to upload version 2.6 first, then version 2.7, and after the synchronization of version 2.7, version 2.6 appears on the Edge.

Why is this happening? Why does the device profile show a completely old version in the additional information section? Why do I have to synchronize two versions for the first one to appear on the device? Is this an individual issue or has anyone else encountered it as well?

  • This is a known bug for years. I think I already opened bug reports as well.

  • I am sorry, I haven't had encountered this issue earlier, so thought it's a new bug. Is there a way to handle this effectively?

  • My experience in this regard:
    When a new version is uploaded for a private beta version, it used to be up-to-date and available immediately - with the previous Connect IQ version.
    Now the previous beta version remains visible after uploading the new beta version. However, you do not have to upload another new version, you just have to wait. It now takes a certain amount of time for the uploaded version to become visible.

  • Usually when I upload a new beta for the first time in the day then it appears in 1 minute. If I upload further versions on the same day then usually they don't appear, and then I upload a second new version and then it shows up. Sometimes nothing works but then when someone posts a question like you did then others reply within an hour that they also have a problem and then we know it's a real problem with the servers.

    Another thing you can try, that works with production upgrades, and probably will also with beta is that immediately after you uploaded you click the Download button on the website. That will want to sync via Garmin Express, but if you don't have it it's also OK, after you clicked the button and clicked the buttons in the pop-up, open the Connect IQ app on your phone and it'll sync the new version.

  • I mean how else would I synchronize it with my Edge other than pressing Download immediately after upload? I've been doing this and the problem I encountered happened this exact way. Or did I misunderstand something?

    Also, this doesn't change the fact that among the additional informations on the app's page, the version shown is still one of the previous ones.

  • Once you upload to the store, currently, it can take a bit of time before you can download it.  I've updated apps today for the new fr165 devices, and it's been up to maybe 20 minutes for me to see the new version number.  And for apps already on my device and the Connect IQ mobile app, they show up in my download queue about the same time,  I don't press download in the app store.