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New Connect website Reviews includes ratings with no text - Useless Noise IMO

The latest update to dashboard (and Connect IQ Store) Reviews section now includes ratings that contain no review text.

Does anyone find this useful?  It creates a bunch of noise that hides actual reviews.  For me, this is a HUGE mistake.

  • I agree. We can see the amount of actual ratings in the top section. The ratings without review (text) shouldn't be displayed separately.

  • Yes, without a doubt it's useful. This way you can report 1-star reviews  that say nothing.  There was no way to do that before.

    And will will probably cut down on the reviews with no text.

  • Why would I report a 1 star rating without any text to point out as abusive?  In my experience abusive reviews are so rare that I don't want all this "pollution" to get in the way of people reading real reviews.  I'd argue this new system deters people from writing reviews since they can see how their reviews will be out of view due to the ratings being included.

  • You are clearly new.  See how you feel after 9 years with random 1 start reviews.  I've been hoping for this for a long time!

    If someone posts a 1 stat with no test you can also reply so that other users see that doing so is in bad form.

  • The point is, why would Garmin remove a 1 start rating?  There is no reason to do it without some evidence that the review was malicious.

  • If there is no text, it's 100% USELESS!  You have no idea what the reviewer is even complaining about!

  • Now I have no idea what you've been trying to say.  The subject of this thread is about ratings with no text!

  • Well, you could argue both ways I guess. Maybe there's no company directive and depending on who reviewed it they might delete it or not. 

    In-text low rating is not very useful in the sense that the developer can't improve on it. Also even if I see a low rate app and as a user have no idea why, it's not very useful. If I see that the 1st 3 reviews say that the app is crap than probably I won't bother downloading it.

  • True.  But IMO this current system makes it harder for users to see useful reviews with text.

  • Actually I don't see any text-less review. Can you show an example? I checked both in Connect IQ app and o the website