3s, 5s average calculations - guarantees on time?

Hi all,

New to ConnectIQ, I have a question about calculating 3s, 5s power/cadence.

I've done something similar to https://forums.garmin.com/developer/connect-iq/f/discussion/4425/datafield-3s-power/29496#29496, but using AntPower listeners. What are the guarantees of whether or notonCalculatedPowerUpdate or compute(info) at view level will be called every 1s (or close enough that it's irrelevant to an ordinary user in terms of averaging)?

I noticed that if I stopped rotating the cranks on a Tacx, then onCalculatedPowerUpdate() may not be called until the next rotation.

  • compute() should be called pretty close to every second even if the DF is not visible (onUpdate is only called if it's viable.)

    You can verify this by comparing the current elaspsedTime with the one from the last time compute was called (it's the time in ms since recording started)