dc.drawArc Very odd Error

hi everyone,

i have a very odd error which does not happen everytime, but few time (report from ERA)

here is the code:

dc.drawArc(gHW, gHH, gHW, 0, i-0.5, i+0.5);

(inside a loop)

where gHW is dc.getWidth/2 and gHH: dc.getHeight/2

here is the error log:

Error Name: Too Many Arguments Error
Occurrences: 17
First Occurrence: 2020-06-26
Last Occurrence: 2020-06-27
    fēnix® 6: 3.00
    fēnix® 6X Pro / 6X Sapphire / 6X Pro Solar / tactix® Delta Sapphire / quatix® 6X: 3.10
App Versions: 10.0.0
Languages: eng, fre

if someone has a clue.

Many thanks