Is it possible to get the length of time in millis of a touch screen tap?

I'm looking to make a simple widget for practicing morse code input, so a quick tap would be a dot, a longer tap would be a dash.  I've already written code on other platforms that works well and decodes the input to letters/words, and was hoping to accomplish the same here, so practicing would be as convenient as wearing my watch. (Vivoactive 3)

This seems like it would work perfectly if onHold() started immediately so I could just calculate the time held by using a timer which takes the difference in time from onHold() to onRelease().  Since onHold has a delay, however, it's not really a feasible option since at a relatively "normal" speed, even the length of time the screen would be touched for a dash is still less than the time it takes for onHold() to kick in.

I'm assuming there is no onRelease() equivalent to onTap() which I can use (unless there is and I'm missing it somehow), so is there a way to override the onHold timing so onTap doesn't even get used? I'd be OK with removing onTap() entirely if that's an option.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!