Feature request: Shorter intervals for background process execution

Hi, maybe this has been asked or requested before: I use a temporal event to execute a webRequest from a background process in my Watcface. I use it to access blood glucose levels from a web server. The background process can run only every 5 min and that is really limiting the usability and value of my watch face, as I need the glucose data to be as close to real-time as possible.

I understand the battery consumption is a concern for watch faces and datafields but it should really be up to the developer to decide how often to execute the background process (at least within reason) I don't see why there should be a huge problem to allow execution, say, every minute instead of after every 5 mins. It would greatly enhance user experience for many watchfaces that require background processing.

I am sorry If I post this question/request at the wrong place (Im happy to post it elsewhere if you let me know where)

Best regards