Barrels do not work with sub-components

Is anyone able to successfully run the Export Wizard on an app that uses a barrel with sub-components that can prove my theory wrong? If that is the case, could you please share the contents of you barrels.jungle file of the app using the barrel?

When running export wizard, the compiler does not accept line 5 of the app's barrels.jungle file. This is the line that enumerates the sub-component annotations.This only happens when the -e parameter is present in the build command. This is a crucial parameter which instructs the build to generate an IQ file. The command also fails when executed from the console window, so this rules out any eclipse issues. If you execute that same build command in a console without the -e parameter, then the build works.

The error message looks like this:

BUILD: ERROR: barrels.jungle:5: 'LibIQ' is not a valid barrel specified in the manifest file.
BUILD: ERROR: Errors were found during jungle file processing.
BUILD: com.garmin.monkeybrains.Packager$PackageException: [200] Errors were found during jungle file processing.
BUILD: at com.garmin.monkeybrains.Monkeybrains.packageApplication(

The barrels.jungle file looks like this:

# Do not hand edit this file. To make changes right click
# on the project and select "Configure Monkey Barrels".

LibIQ = [C:\Users\jarango\Eclipse\Garmin\LibIQ\monkey.jungle]
base.LibIQ.annotations = Gesture;Math;System
base.barrelPath = $(base.barrelPath);$(LibIQ)



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