A little help understanding App/View lifecycles


I'm creating a watch face that has an AppBase, a WatchUi.View and a ServiceDelegate. My background service goes and fetches some data from the internet, passes it to the App which then passes it to the View. I've got a few questions:

1. Is AppBase onStart the appropriate place to kick off the Background service (call registerForTemporalEvent)?

2. My View has a member variable called data that holds the data passed to it from the AppBase. Looking at logging from an actual device, this occasionally gets reset to null and I don't know why. Does the View get killed and a new one get created?

3. If so, what is the View's lifecycle? Should it contain non-constant variables at all? (I had a look at the docs but I couldn't find much.)

4. If so, can I trigger this on the simulator?

5. In AppBase, onStart "is called on application start up" and onStop "is called when your application is exiting". Am I correct in thinking that for an active Watch Face, my app will start only when the device is turned on and stop only when it's turned off? Or if I switch screens is it stopped and started again? (What about if I get a notification?)

6. If that's the case, what happens to the AppBase class?

7. If that's the case, what happens to the background process?

Thanks in advanced!