View Management

Hi guys, 

I'm at the stage where I have a number of views that have been pushed, and need some advice about managing the views, and what the push command is actually doing..

For example, as I navigate the pages, should I be pushing:   new viewname()  all the time, or is this actually loading several copies of the same view?

When should I use switch view ? I assume that this will display a view that is onhide, back to onshow that has all ready been pushed?

If I switch view something that has not been pushed, what does it call?

Likewise, if I pop view.... what is actually happening in the code, is it moving the visible view down the stack, or is it off the stack completely?

... The Monkey C notes don't really explain this any further than the slang that is describing the function title... popping off the stack , or  pushing a new view.