Build new service form old components?

The goal is to discuss the service, which has stopped. is not a Connect IQ

service, but I could not find another place in the forum to start a thread which was suitable, so I start it here.

Nils Knieling

was a free and open source live tracking service. It had the components:

- ipbike

- an open source server

- influx data base

- it was possible to visualize live-tracking activity in grafana

Most of the components of are a free and open source components which are available independent from

When was still running, I send Nils Knieling an e-mail and asked the question to him, whether it was possible to use to stream sensor data to Matlab.

He answered me, that he does not know Matlab, but it should work.

Then I started a thread in the THIS IS ANT Forum (yoyo2014 alias Peter Gamma):

where I asked whether it is possible to stream ant+ sensor data from IpBike to and from there to Matlab.

there was no answer in the THIS IS ANT forum to this question.

Then suddenly the was stopped. My hypothesis is, that Nils Knieling stopped the service, because the service would have made it possible for every Matlab user to stream sensor data from IpBike to Matlab, and that he wanted to prevent this.

I asked Nils Knieling whether it was possible to get the components of, but there was no answer from Nils.

I asked Nils whether he could integrate into VELO HERO, and would be interested in buying a monthly subscription of VELO HERO when this service would be available.

But Nils answered, he had no plans to do so.

I miss livetracking io. Two bikers in the forum of IpBike posted, that they miss livetracking io, too:,m862f6,topic,1&m862f6prev_link=default&m862f6fid=2&m862f6tid=646&m862f6post_pagenumber=1&m862f6returnid=73&page=73

There is some code left from of on Nils Cyclenerd github:

is it possible to put all the free and open source components of together to build a new service?