Battery consumption optimization for WatchFace

hye evereyone,

i've made lot of rechearch to try to gathering information about battery optimization for watchface but more or less in vain.

I was told by Jim:

- not do the 

Iin on Update for watchface settings 

it is the only trick I've found so far.

I'm quite lazy and for exemple i did this for 3 data filed I have on a watchface:

		var P = ["C","L","R"];
		var Ps = ["LDC","LDL","LDR"];
		var y=185;
		if (gH<240){y=170;}
		if (gH<200){y=140;}  
		    	for (var i=0;i<3;i++){
		    		data = App.getApp().getProperty(Ps[i]);
					if (data==2){DrawNot(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
					if (data==3){DrawBat(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
					if (data==4){DrawHR(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
					if (data==5){DrawElv(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
					if (data==6){DrawPress(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
					if (Sys.getDeviceSettings().activityTrackingOn){	
						if (data==7){DrawSteps(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
						if (data==8){DrawFloor(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
						if (data==9){DrawKcal(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
						if (data==10){DrawActive(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
						if (data==15){DrawDist(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
					if (data==11 && PRO){DrawNSE(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
					if (data==12 && PRO){DrawUNSE(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);}
					if (data==13 && PRO){DrawWeather(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2,"");}
					if (data==14 && PRO){DrawStatus(dc,P[i],y,CLR1,CLR2);alarm =false;}

is it a good way to do? for memory or battery?

does anyone has tricks for saving battery?