This took me forever to figure out, so I figured that I'd share.

In order to successfully add the CIQ iOS SDK to your project (to create a companion app), you need to do the following:

  • Drag ConnectIQ.framework in to the "Embedded Binaries" list in <Target App> -> General
  • In <Target App> -> Info -> URL Types add a new URL scheme where
    • "Identifier" is your bundle name (e.g. com.whatever.appname)
    • "URL Schemes" is whatever you choose (passed to ConnectIQ on initialization)
    • "Role" is "None"
  • In Info.plist add the following (grants permission to your app to open the Garmin Connect app URL)


  • In Info.plist, if there is no definition for CFBundleDisplayName (which is the default for Xcode Single App View projects), add the following definition


Without this, the URL that the ConnectIQ iOS Framework generates is missing a parameter, and it won't open a return URL to your app (failing silently).

Then check out these example apps on github to see how to use the SDK:

Hope this saves someone else some time, as far as I can tell most of these steps aren't documented anywhere. :(