Error -300 on Fenix 3 and Fenix 3HR (7/31 workaround identified)

In the past 2 weeks, I have been getting an unusually large number of Fenix3/Fenix3HR users (4-5) contacting me with problems using my Weather Radar Widget.  All of them are reporting getting an error -300 when doing the image download.  There is not really anything have been able to do in the code, but I find it odd the the primary users I am getting problems from, 4 of the last 6, are F3/F3HR users and all of them are the same error, network time out.

Has anyone seen anything similar lately?  Could it be an issue in an update to Garmin Connect Mobile?  I remember early on the F5+ devices had problems downloading images due to GCM.

Not quote sure what to tell my users.  In at least one case, it previously worked now they always get the -300 error.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Workaround: I found decreasing the image height by 1 pixel works.  So I now get a 216x218 image for devices with a 218x218 screen.