Wind Direction

As a cyclist, I would like to see new data field for wind direction and speed. It should show the direction in relevance to me like wind is from right to left. Also there could be a full page showing wind prediction for the next couple of hours. I prefer to sync wind forecast before I ride so no need for connectivity during the ride.
  • You want the device to pull down the wind direction and speed before your ride, and then just display that information for the duration? If so, how should the device know where you are going to be riding, and how long you'll be in those areas? The wind varies quite a bit depending on where you are and when you are there.

    If you just want some simple measurement that doesn't change over the duration of your ride, that could be done pretty easily if the software is allowed to assume you will be riding near the place you were when you download the weather data. If you want something more, the software would need to allow users to provide some information about where you're going to be and at what time of day you'll be there before fetching the data.

    This is where having a ground speed sensor and a wind speed and direction sensor would be useful. With these bits of information, you could easily determine the actual wind at your current position in real time. Of course that would require someone to make an ANT+ wind sensor. :)

  • old post, but i just saw this.

    I have an app i've written that gets your current wind speed and direction based on your lat/long. It updates every 5 minutes.

    It's not free, but is cheap at least. $5/year. That covers the api usage mainly.
  • My free data field that shows me what I need to see... the arrow changes color... Green = tailwind, Red = headwind, Gray = crosswind. The arrow is the relative wind direction in relation to the wind direction. This uses Live Weather, so you really need to have your Smart Phone paired to your EDGE and Garmin Connect running... that way the weather is updated during your ride and linked to the closest weather station.