Indoor Rowing Challenge

It would be great to be able to choose your activity when creating a challenge. Right now activities are limited to run, bike, steps, swim.

Why not let users challenge on any activity?

I'd love to challenge others in rowing.

  • I would adore a rowing challenge! And training programs for rowing.

  • I was so excited to start a rowing challenge with my wife after purchasing an indoor rower. I was even going to buy her a Garmin watch. It was really disappointing to find out that challenges are so limited. 

  • I Would also love to make it. But not all data needed is available. 

    What is availeble is

    Timetorecover, activeMinutesWeekGoal, activeMinutesWeek, activeMinutesDay.

    Wat isn't 

    trainingEffect history. Maybe via a workaround it's storable but it's only the aerobic fitness not the anaerobic fitness

    If that was available it would be possible to make a list of varying difficulty and sports that could be given based on settings and the current training status.