Disc Golf App Udisc could come together with Garmin and make the ultimate disc golfers companion

So I use Udisc to record my scores as well as see the course layout when I'm playing a course for the first time. I was wondering the other day if something similar to Garmins native Golf app could be realised with the help of the massive database and gps data Udisc has to create the ultimate disc golf companion on your wrist. Distance to the basket, hole layouts, scoring etc. could all run off of my Fenix 6

This might be a complete pipe dream but I think there would be a very large number of people out there that would make use of such an app and that number is constantly growing with disc golf being the fastest growing sport, at least in the "western world".

What do ya'll think? Could definitely be some very useful features possible for us golfers.

 All the best and happy xmas,


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