Rowing App for Waterrower

I think that a lot of people are serching for a witged / datafield / app to record her training on garmin connect.

This was not possible because the Rower had no bluetooth module. But now there is such a module and it would be a phantastic thing if there would be a IQ App to record the rowing activity on the Watch. I think this could be a good Idea for a developer to make such app to get some money because there is nothing in this direction on the market.

What do you think?

  • hi!

    I bought a waterrower Performance ergometer. It’s have a bluetooth connection, but no S4 computer.

    this erg iq will work?

    thank you


  • Really?  I have a Fenix 6X and while it paired with the Device I did not get any data from the S4 Module to my watch?  Any chance you can provide the how you did it?

    • I am now convinced this is a Garmin issue.  Or Garmin just does not want or take time to support the S4 commmodule.  The Commmodule works great with KinoMaps.  Thus, using my iPhone and the Kinomap app all S4 data is displayed on the phone or my Apple TV along with heart rate if you have a chest strap paired with your phone.  It also somehow displays a power value as well.   So,  Garmin could write the wearable software to accurately process the Commodules signals to correctly display and store the output from the WaterRower .  
  • I haven't been able to get it to successfully work, I've followed 1125907's steps.

    I can do the initial pair of my watch (Fenix 5X) to the com module, but the watch will never reconnect to it after it pairs.

    I did get it to pair to my phone but Waterrower's app leaves something to be desired.

  • I believe the issue here is that you need the SmartRow hardware not the Commodule 

    the SmartRow hardware does have the power wattage like cycling. You can see the power wattage in the screenshot above thus they are using the SmartRow hardware.   While the Commodule does not have power wattage data.

    the SmartRow hardware has a strain gauge that calculates how hard your pulling each stroke.  The Commodule is just a relay of the monitor that connects to a app and is very limited.  The Commodule also can’t do power wattage as it does not have a strain gauge  Nor can The CM calculate a virtual power curve as the tank level is a unknown variable.   

    bottom line if you want to collect data on your watch you will need the SmartRow. 

  • The normal S4 montitor extrapolates power/wattage based on the water fill level you tell it the rower has.   Is it as exact as the SmartRow setup? no, but it is consistent to itself so you are at least able to base line it and if the Commudule can work with the ErgIQ app, then awesome.    I just ordered the module to test it. 

  • How's the Commudule work with ErgIQ? or how is it compare with SmartRow :)

  • Anyone find out how to get the pairing ID? I have tried to connect my Fenix 5 and the S4 Comms via the watch - the Garmin sees it and then won’t connect. 

  • After wading through a lot of comments, yours seems best to answer my query.  I am mostly a cyclist and use a Garmin Edge 820 which I then upload to Garmin Connect.  I would like to collect the S4 data to the 820 so I can then upload it in the usual way.  Seems a simple thing but as far as I can tell from yours and other comments, it doesn't work or, at least, is fiddly and unreliable.  Until a better system is devised I think I'll be holding off buying the Commodule and simply rely on my Tickr X HR strap for HR and Calories and insert distance in Connect manually.

  • Hey Jojsz,

    I use a different solution. I use the Android app Coxswain It's open source and free.

    You connect with an OTG cable to the Waterrower (bluetooth is also possible but I prefer cable). You even can use a chest strap (I use a Polar H9) for the heart rate. As it is connected through a cable you won't loose your data.  You do you training and then you can export the training file as TCX file. This can be imported into Garmin connect.

    It's a bit more manual work to upload the TCX file.

    best regards