Forerunner 935, total time in zone

Hi developers,
Can anyone create a widget that shows a total time in heart rate zone?

Basic design is good:

Total time in zone:

Z5 12:20    I **     8%
Z4 20:20    I **     10%
Z3 1:20.28 I ****  21%
Z2 2:40:30 I ***** 40%
Z1 1:20:30 I ***    21%

4 pages:  1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months

Please include all sports in total time, since now we are interested how hard/low/long we have trained in near history.

Since this is very important information, I hoped this was a basic feature of the Forerunner 935 or Garmin Connect. But because it is not, I appreciate a lot if someone can create this date field widget. Thank you very much for your help.