We are pleased to announce that we have a new set of tools for our Connect IQ Developer Community!

This blog is meant to help you get started and become familiar with some of the new tools and how they work. We appreciate all the work you have all done to make our community great and wanted to say thank you by giving you better tools to communicate with.

More than just a forum

As you can already see, this is more than just a replacement for our existing forums. Our new tools offer several different ways that we can communicate. Below is a breakdown of the some of the features:


These are exactly what they sound like. We have a set of forums available to our community for discussion, Q&A, etc. These come with some new feature that are helpful. If you are asking a question, we recommend using the Q&A forum where answers can be marked as accepted and voted on. Up and down voting is also a feature of regular discussion forum threads. If given the choice of "question" or "discussion" when creating a thread, use your best judgment for the type of post you are creating. We have our forums broken out into the following categories:

  • App Ideas: Submit ideas for Connect IQ content.
  • Discussion: General discussion about the Connect IQ platform. This is where we will also hold the content from the previous Connect IQ general forum.
  • Legacy Bug Reports: This hold all of our Bug Report threads from the previous Connect IQ forums. We will begin using a new Bug Reports tool  moving forward (more below).
  • Q&A: This is for asking questions about Connect IQ and its use. The intent is that the developer community along with the Connect IQ team will be able to build a database of accepted answers to questions in a format that is more in line with current developer communities.

  • Showcase: This is our forum for showcasing and supporting Connect IQ content that has already been released to the App Store.

Bug Reports

The new Bug Reports tool provides the Connect IQ Team and developers with greater tracking and visibility to the status of bugs that are reported through the Connect IQ developer community.  This is located at the bottom of the main Connect IQ page. Here is a sample Bug Report. Notice the updateable status at the top, code formatting, and upvoting capabilities on bugs to help prioritize what matters to you!


Formerly our News & Announcements forum, we now have the ability to post announcements about events, SDK releases, and other community news in a different format that is easy to digest (You're reading one right now). Our recommendation is to subscribe to the blog so you can be notified of any news as it hits! A banner with the latest content will be posted at the top of the Connect IQ Developer Page.


We now provide information about our community in one place. A list of these Wiki pages is displayed on the right in a browser and stacked on Mobile. Wikis provide us with easy ways to create FAQs, how tos, and other longer form content.

We are so excited to start using these new tools with our great community of developers.

-The Connect IQ Team