Welcome to Connect IQ System 4

Today we are launching Connect IQ System 4, the most advanced Connect IQ to date. Connect IQ System 4 brings powerful new graphics tools and a new type system for the Monkey C language. It also introduces Super Apps.

What is System 4?

Connect IQ now uses two versions: the API level and the system number. The API level is a three-digit (major.minor.micro) version that dictates the potential APIs that a device supports. Not every device supports every API, but if a product is at or below an API level, it is guaranteed to not support an API. The system number is a single-digit number that is associated with a minimum API level. The system number communicates the set of devices that meet the minimum API level.





API Level <= 1.5.0

API Level <= 2.4.0

API Level <= 3.1.0

API Level >= 3.2.0

D2Tm Bravo

Approach® S60

Approach® S62

DescentTm Mk2/i/s

D2Tm Bravo Titanium

Forerunner® 735xt

D2Tm Air

Edge® 530


vívoactive® HR

D2Tm Charlie

Edge® 830

fēnix® 3

Edge® 1000 / Explore

D2Tm Delta/PX/S

Edge® 1030

fēnix® 3 HR

Edge® 520

DescentTm Mk1


Forerunner® 230

Edge® 130/Plus

fēnix® 6 Series

Forerunner® 235

Edge® 520 Plus

Forerunner® 245 Series

Forerunner® 630

Edge® 820

Forerunner® 745

Forerunner® 920XT

fēnix® 5

Forerunner® 945

Forerunner® 45

fēnix® 5 Plus Family

Legacy Series

tactix® Bravo

fēnix® Chronos

MARQ® Series

quatix® 3

Forerunner® 645 Series

Montana 7 Series


Forerunner® 935

tactix® Delta Series

GPSMAP 66 Series


Oregon 7 Series

Venu® Sq

quatix® 5

vívoactive® 4 Series

Rino Series

vívoactive® 3 Series

Products running the latest system will get API updates and bug fixes. Products not running the latest system may receive updates when necessary.

New in System 4

The following features are new in the Connect IQ 4 SDK

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