This release wipes your settings due to a rename of them from Connect IQ to Monkey C to match the extension name. You'll now find the settings under the Monkey C group. It should update automatically via Visual Studio Code.

If the path to your SDK contains a space, launching an app will not work with the current SDK release. Unfortunately this had to be fixed in the SDK itself, so until the fix is released you can move your current SDK to a path that does not contain a space and modify current-sdk.cfg to contain the new path. The current-sdk.cfg file is at:

  • MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Garmin/ConnectIQ
  • Windows: %APPDATA%/Garmin/ConnectIQ
  • Linux: ~/.Garmin/ConnectIQ

New Features

  1. Renamed commands and settings from Connect IQ to Monkey C
  2. When using commands for editing the manifest file, use the editor.tabSize value for indent spacing
  3. Add Monkey C: Open ERA Viewer, Monkey C: Open Monkey Graph, and Monkey C: Open Monkey Motion commands
  4. Add support for running all tests for an app
  5. Added a default launch configs for running an app and running tests
  6. Added a setting to choose which Java command to use when compiling and launching tools
  7. Added a setting to set which jungle files to use for compilation

Bug Fixes

  1. Treat source files as UTF-8 when exporting an app
  2. Show output from stderr when launching the simulator
  3. Wait for simulator to launch before attempting to run an app
  4. Append the version number when building a barrel
  5. Fix image direction when building for the Forerunner® 920XT
  6. When selecting devices only show devices that support the app's type and minimum SDK version
  7. Reload files read from the SDK when the current SDK is changed using the SDK Manager