Venu  2 Series Now Available in Connect IQ SDK Manager

Today Garmin announced the Venu® 2 series. This family of GPS smartwatches, available in two sizes, has advanced health monitoring and fitness features to help you better understand what’s going on inside your body.

With the advanced features on the Venu® 2, you can take your activities to the next level. Switch up your activities with animated workouts and more than 25 built-in indoor and GPS sports apps. You can feed your soul with your favorite music, stored right on your wrist for phone-free listening when paired with wireless headphones (not included). Thanks to a battery that features rapid recharging and can last up to 11 days, you’re sure to get an uninterrupted picture of your health.

The Venu® 2/2s is our first Connect IQ product using API level 4.0.0 and requires the Connect IQ 4.0.0 SDK. Use the Connect IQ SDK Manager to update your device library and add Venu® 2 support to your apps.