You'll see some changes happening around here in the next few days to help simplify things:

  1. We've merged the legacy bug reports forum into the Discussion forum. All of the old content is available, but this will drive any new bug reports to the bug reporting tool and avoid new reports getting lost on old discussion threads.
  2. We'll be merging the Q&A forum with the Discussion forum. Both "discussion" and "question and answer" type threads will be allowed, so you won't lose any capabilities or content - it'll just all be in one place.

We're also making some minor tweaks to the layout and organization of the forum that will hopefully make things cleaner and easier to use.

As an aside, there's one request we get fairly frequently: set the default ordering of the bug reports by date instead of by score. Unfortunately, there's not an option to do this (at least none that we've found), but if we discover a way, that may happen at some point. Until then, you can easily change the bug reports to order by date with the sort widget in the upper right area of the bug reporting tool: