We've released SDK 3.1.6 which includes device support and version changes, as well as some minor updates. Here is a list of some of the changes and updates:

General Changes

  • Add support for the Garmin SwimTm 2.
  • Update minimum firmware and supported CIQ versions for the vívoactive® 4 / 4s, VenuTm, and Edge® 130 / 520+ / 820 to support CIQ 3.1.
  • Add support for GPSMap 66 / 66i APAC.
  • Add support for Legacy Saga series devices.
  • Fix a bug that caused properly urlencoded strings to be cut short at the first triplet in the string.
  • Fix an issue that caused onLayout to be called for a view when the view on top of it in the view stack was popped.
  • Fix a bug where onPartialUpdate would continue to be invoked after a watch face had crashed.
  • Fix potential random app crashes when invoking onHide/onUpdate.
  • Update ERA viewer to show all known crash reports for each app across all app versions.

Simulator Changes

  • Enable widget glance support for MARQTm series devices.
  • Update data field layouts for the vívoactive® 4 series and VenuTm to better match the device.
  • Fix an issue that prevented the simulator from launching apps when TMPDIR was on a case-sensitive file system on MacOS.
  • Fix a bug where app crashes can cause the simulator to shut down.
  • Fix a bug where calls to requestApplicationWake() would crash the simulator.
  • Fix a bug where the map controls were in the wrong location on the edge 530.
  • Update Menu2 title draw area for fenix6 devices to be correct.
  • Fix a bug where progress bars would not update.

Compiler Changes

  • No Changes