We've released SDK 3.1.4 which includes a few bug fixes and some minor updates. Here is a list of some of the things we've done:

General Changes

  • No Changes

Simulator Changes

  • Add support for showing the current screen position of the cursor in the status bar.
  • Fix a font selection bug in simple data fields where a text font would be chosen if a number contained a minus sign.
  • Fix a bug on mac where the simulator would crash if you completed a 24-hour screen burn-in simulation.
  • Fix a bug where memory limits were not set correctly for widget glances.
  • Fix an issue that onLayout isn’t invoked for data fields, also disabled the Force onHide menu when running a data field, as onHide will never be invoked for it.

Compiler Changes

  • Fix null pointer exception seen when using automatic build with a project using antialiased custom fonts.