New Categories in Connect IQ Store

As announced at GDVC we have updated the categories on the homepage of the Connect IQ store. These new categories provide new opportunities to get your app on the homepage.

Use the following to map the developer category to the front page category:

Homepage Category


App Type

Developer Category


All audio apps

Audio Content Provider

Music, Podcast, Practice, or Workout

Style and Substance

Watch faces focused on style

Watch Face


Data Fields for Runners

Data fields specifically for runners

Data Field


Navigate Your World

Apps involving location or direction

Device App, Widget

Navigation, Geocache

Simply Amazing

Watch faces focused on simplicity

Watch Face


Data Fields for Cyclists

Cycling focused data fields

Data Field


Weather at a Glance

Weather apps

Device App, Widget


Geek Chic

Watch faces with geek or retro appeal

Watch Face

Geek, Retro

Sensors and Displays

Data fields that communicate with wireless external sensors or displays

Data Field

Sensor, Secondary Display

Animal Adventures

Watch faces with animals

Watch Face


Best Estimates

Data fields that compute new metrics

Data Field

Estimate, Counter, Environmental, Goal, Consumption

Indoor Workout Data Fields

Data fields for the gym

Data Field


Power Tools

Apps and widgets about helping the user be productive

Device App, Widget

Tools, Social, Communication

Around the World

Watch faces that focus on other parts of the world

Watch Face

Around the World

Workout Dashboards

Data fields that are dashboards of multiple metrics

Data Field


Health and Wellness

Apps focused on the health and wellness of the user

Device App, Widget

Medical, Walking, Wellness, Health and Fitness

Data Rich Watch Faces

Watch faces focused on metrics

Watch Face


Performance Metrics

Data fields focused on helping an athlete be their best

Data Field


Having Fun

Apps and widgets about escaping productivity

Device App, Widget

Games, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Sports, Celestial

Analog Watch Faces

Watch faces with analog hands

Watch Face


Training Metrics

Data fields focused on helping the user train for an event

Data Field

Training,  Swimming

Active Lifestyle Apps

Apps and widgets about the user's active lifestyle

Device App, Widget

Running,  Swimming, Cycling, Strength Training, Golf, Hiking

Fun Watch Faces

Watch faces that are about bringing joy

Watch Face

Fun, Cartoon, Fantasy, Family

Out to Sea

Watch faces, data fields, widgets, and apps about being on the water

Device App, Widget, Watch Face, Data Field


Workout Tools

Data fields that provide tools for your workout

Data Field


Digital Watch Faces

Non-analog watch faces that do not fit into other categories

Watch Face


Race Day

Data fields focused on the day of the event

Data Field


Natural Beauty

Watch faces that bring the user closer to nature

Watch Face


Home and Away

Apps focused on integration with the home or on travel

Device App, Widget

Travel, Home Automation

Better Living Through Apps

Catch all category for widgets and apps that don’t fall other categories

Device App, Widget

Lifestyle, Business, Finance, Education, Other, Beliefs

Useful Workout Metrics

Catch all category for data fields that don’t fall into other categories

Data Field