The Garmin LIDAR-Lite v4 LED is a LED based LIDAR solution. The LIDAR-Lite v4 is powered by a Nordic nRF52840 application processor, which means your can program it communicate distance measurements over ANT, ANT BLAZE, and BLE. By default, it communicates distance readings over ANT.

This sample uses the LIDAR-Lite v4 to create a Connect IQ Theremin. The Theremin was an early electronic musical instrument, using two antennae to sense the position of the player’s hands allowing them to control oscillation and frequency. As the artist waives their hands around the antennae it amplifies the signals to make its trademark sound.

Our demonstration uses ANT and the updated Attention.playTone API. The playTone now allows developers to pass in an array of Attention.ToneProfile objects. Strung together, your Connect IQ apps can now play some music.

You can find the source to the LiDAR Theremin on GitHub.